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Contact Information

Contact Information
McCormick Middle School
6979 Hwy. 28 South
McCormick SC 29835
(864) 443-2243- phone
(864) 443-3298 - fax 

McCormick Middle School (MMS), a school of inquiry and innovation, focuses on developing World Class CHIEFS! The constant push to create a learning environment that provides opportunities for student ownership, growth, and success is ongoing.  In an effort to increase students’ knowledge of what the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate entails, MMS emphasizes the four Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity).  MMS has the expectation that teachers will develop individual and cross-curriculum lessons that focus on technology and the four Cs.  In addition, MMS remains steadfast in its endeavor for all students to build positive relationships and take responsibility for personal learning and behavior.