School COVID-19 News

Good Afternoon,

This is Dr. Hembree from McCormick County School District with an important message.  We wanted to make you aware that we have learned of three positive COVID-19 cases at McCormick Middle School.  Our district nurse is following all contact tracing protocols, and is notifying all individuals who need to quarantine.  Your child does not need to quarantine unless you are contacted by Nurse Batchelor.  

Secondly, we wanted to remind everyone that if your child takes a COVID-19 test, he or she will need to quarantine until you gain the results.  Once the results are received, please contact Nurse Batchelor at the elementary school.  

Lastly, beginning on Monday, August 30th, masks will be required on all school buses, as this is now a State Department of Education requirement.  

Thank you for your attention to this message, and stay safe and well this weekend.



Dr. Hembree